Webisode 3: Diva Starz Rock the House!

🎸 Rock out with Webisode 3: Diva Starz Rock the House! Be the sound guru for the girls, tuning each Diva's instrument for the ultimate performance.

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Hey, music lovers and Diva Starz fans! Are you ready to feel the beat and make some noise? In Webisode 3: Diva Starz Rock the House, Alexa, Summer, Tia, and Nikki are preparing for a band performance that will rock your world!

Your mission is super cool: you're the sound technician for the day! Help each Diva tune her instrument to perfection so they can give a show-stopping performance.

How to Play

Using your trusty mouse, you'll be dragging instruments to each Diva and then selecting the right tune to make each instrument sound like a rock star!

First things first, you'll need to match the right instrument to the right Diva. Whether it's Alexa's guitar or Tia's drums, make sure each girl gets her instrument of choice. Just drag it over to her!

Now, here comes the real challenge: tuning the instruments. You have four sound options for each instrument, and you've got to have a keen ear to pick the right one. From the guitar's strum to the drum's beat, get it right and make it tight!

Once you've made your way through all the instruments, the Divas will be ready to hit the stage and rock the house! Hit the button and watch them jam out. How awesome is that?

You don't have magic powers, but your keen sense of sound is your superpower here! Use it wisely to tune every instrument just right.

Here's a tip: Take your time listening to each sound option. The more carefully you listen, the more likely you'll get it right and have the Diva Starz rockin' in tune!

Now that you know what it takes, are you ready to tune up and rock out? Grab your mouse, and let's make some noise! Start tuning now!