Fluffy Starz Dress Up

Play the Fluffy Starz Dress Up game to get a chance to glamorize Polly Pocket's fluffy cat-friend! It's going to be so much fun to help Fluffy!

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With the Fluffy Starz Dress Up game, you have the chance to become a personal stylist for a unique client: Polly Pocket's adorable cat! Understandably, you must be a bit worried, given the fact that felines are known to be very specific and pretentious customers. However, you mustn't worry too much! Fluffy Starz is not only gorgeous, but also sweet and loving. You will surely have a blast being her stylist!

What is more, now you have the chance to hang out in Polly Pocket's glamorous dressing room. Take in the bright pink and cute decorum! However, don't waste too much time looking around. Fluffy Starz is waiting for you on her special pillow and meowing with excitement!

The gameplay is incredibly simple and intuitive. All you need to do is click on all the beautiful accessories and beauty tools in Polly's dressing room. You will immediately see the changes on your cute and fluffy model!

Bring in the color and the sparkle!

Fluffy has beautiful fur, that would make any cat jealous. It's just so long, soft, and snowy white! However, I think it's time for a change for this adorable feline, even if it's just a temporary one! 

Use the fur spray to give Fluffy Starz's scrumptious tail a brand new look. Do you think you are brave enough to go for something extreme, such as emerald green, bright yellow or even mysterious violet? 

What is more, you can add a beautiful design to compliment the new color. Click on one of the tail designs to see how it looks on miss Fluffy. Some of them are quite elegant, such as the beautiful pearls, but you can also add rhinestones, flowers, or even purple bows! Make sure that whatever you choose integrates well into the final look!

Time for the finishing touches!

Everybody knows that jewelry and accessories give an outfit its flavor! What is more, they are especially crucial if we are talking about a pet. The most critical element is, of course, the collar. Now you have the chance to choose a unique design that goes with your choices so far. Don't forget that you can even add a personalized id tag, featuring very unique accessories. It will surely add that touch of personality you were looking for!

Besides the collar, there are other options for making your stylish creation stand out in the crowd. For example, you can add some new fur jewels to enhance the styling you have already made. What is more, they will make Fluffy Starz feel like a true feline celebrity!

If you still think something is missing, you can always try out one of the special rings in Polly Pocket's collection. They feature fascinating emeralds, mysterious amethysts, and even a huge pink stone!

When you think you are done, it's time to sit back and enjoy your creation! Fluffy Starz will surely be satisfied with your fantastic fashion sense! If you wish to try different looks, just hit the 'New' button on the left side of the screen and start over! No matter how many exciting designs you come up with, Polly and Fluffy will undoubtedly be happy and grateful!