Sunny Starz Carrot Crunch

See what it's like to own a pet in the Sunny Starz Carrot Crunch game! Care for the cute bunny, feed her all the carrots, and be sure to avoid the onions!

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About Sunny Starz Carrot Crunch Game

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Take care of a cute bunny in the Sunny Starz Carrot Crunch game! Animals can be a great responsibility, but the Diva Starz girls are ready to teach you all about them! This time, you get to help feed Summer's pet rabbit together. If you're ready, prepare to join your friends for a cute carrot-chasing adventure!

The Diva Starz girls have prepared a real throwback for you! Aren't you happy to meet your childhood fashion inspirations again? The fashionistas love their pets dearly, and now they trust you to care for them! Because of this, you have to keep Sunny Starz well-fed at all costs!

Sunny Starz needs your help to find the scattered veggies and find her way through the maze. To do this, you will have to navigate the lanes and crunch on every carrot you see. Just make sure to avoid the stinky onions at all costs because the bunny can't eat them! Are you ready to begin the challenge?

How to Play

You have to hurry because the cute pet is starving! Once you are inside the labyrinth, you can use the Arrow keys to move the rabbit around. Hold the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrows as you need, and collect the veggies until there are no more to be found! That doesn't sound too difficult, right?

Your main task is to pick up all the carrots you see so that you can unlock the next level. The gameplay is simple, but you need to pay attention so you can escape the maze safely. Remember to watch out for the stinky onions! If you crunch on too many of them, you will have to redo the challenge from the beginning.

There is no turning back once you start the mission! You only have three chances, so make sure to avoid all the obstacles in the garden. You will have to run as fast as possible and navigate each lane carefully. If you manage to collect all the carrots and stay away from the onions, you will surely earn a high score and set a new record!

Well, are you prepared to begin this challenge? Hop through the labyrinth and make your way towards all the veggies! Sunny Starz is counting on you to help her finish her meal!