Hippy Starz Treat Toss

Head off to the dog park with the Diva Starz in the Hippy Starz Treat Toss game! Pay attention to the falling items and help the puppy grab all the treats!

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Did you ever want to have your own puppy? If so, join the Diva Starz for a fun doggy play date in the Hippy Starz Treat Toss game! Having a pet is exciting, but it's also a great responsibility. Luckily, you get to learn all about it together with your childhood heroes!  

Is the nostalgia kicking in yet? If you are a fan of The Diva Starz, this mission will surely be a fun throwback! Can you remember all of the girls' adventures yet? If not, by the time you finish this challenge, your memories will definitely come back!

Are you ready to teach the cute puppy some new tricks? Head off to the park, and don't forget your bag of treats! Your job is to guide Hippy Starz towards all the tasty meals. Just watch out for any gross-o-matic grub, or your tiny friend might end up with an upset tummy!

How to Play

Before you begin, you have to understand the basics. Press the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Hippy around the park. When he gets close to an item, he will eat it up in a second! Do this until you earn enough points, and you will move on to the next level!

Training dogs is all about repetition! Tia's treat pouch is full, and all you have to do is make sure to grab all the goodies. The more Hippy Starz gets to eat, the higher your score will be! Are you ready to set a new record together with the cute puppy?

You have three lives, so make sure to pay attention to the items! Luckily, you won't lose them when a treat falls to the floor. However, you will waste a chance each time you pick up the gross-o-matic grub like apple cores, banana peels, or shoes. Because of this, you have to be careful and feed Hippy only dog treats, pizza, burgers, and other tasty meals!

Well, are you ready to play with your pet? Begin the challenge, and help the puppy grab all the falling treats! Show off your quick reflexes, and impress your friends!