Webisode 1: Meet Us at the Mall

🛍️ Get ready for Webisode 1: Meet Us at the Mall! Help Nikki, Summer, Alexa, and Tia sort their mixed-up shopping bags in this fab fashion adventure.

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Hey there, fashion and fun lovers! Are you ready for a fab-tastic adventure at the mall with the Diva Starz? In Webisode 1: Meet Us at the Mall, our stylish Diva Starz friends - Nikki, Summer, Alexa, and Tia - have had a quirky accident: their shopping bags got all mixed up! Oh no, what a bummer, right?

But that's where you come in. Your mission is to help sort all the jumbled-up stuff back into the right shopping bags for each Diva Star. And it's not just clothes; we're talking about cool shoes, must-have accessories, and other awesome items like soccer balls and perfume!

How to Play

The game is super easy to control. All you need to use is your mouse to drag and drop each item into the shopping bag it belongs to. Just like you're shopping in real life!

To begin with, you'll see a bunch of unsorted items in the middle of the screen. These could be anything from trendy dresses to cool shades or even a sporty soccer ball. Your task is to drag each item to the shopping bag of the Diva Star it belongs to - Nikki, Summer, Alexa, or Tia.

Watch out! Some items might look like they belong to one Diva Star, but they actually belong to another. You'll need to remember what you know about each Diva Star's style to get it right.

It's all about knowing your Diva Stars! The better you know their styles and personalities, the easier and more fun the game will be. Plus, you're learning while having fun - what could be better?

A cool tip? Pay close attention to the Diva Stars at the beginning of the game; sometimes, they'll give hints about what kinds of items they like. But shhh, keep it a secret!

Ready to be a Diva Star sorting pro? Start sorting and show us you know what's up in the fashion world.