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You'll play the Hit or Knit game for hours once you get started! Match the balls of colored yarn and help the cat avoid the curse of the sweater!

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Give the Hit or Knit game a try if you enjoyed the Zuma game series! This new challenge will test your intelligence and reaction speed. However, this is not your ordinary puzzle game! The concept is so charming and interesting that you might start giggling the first time you play. Do you want to find out more?

Meet the adorable cat protagonist! She loves napping all around the house and the garden. However, there is one thing that she can't stand: sweaters. Can you help her keep the itchy article of clothing as far away as possible? You will need to throw plenty of balls of yarn to achieve this goal. Besides, the tiny mouse hiding inside the house won't make your job any easier!

How to Play

The game consists of ten exciting levels that will put your wits to the test. The itinerary of the yarn balls will get more complicated as you advance, challenging you to think about every move you make. Can you make it to the last stage of the game?

Are you ready to help the cute feline protagonist? Your mission in each level is to match three or more yarn balls of the same color to clear them off the screen. Be careful! If you don't move swiftly, the row of yarn balls will reach the sweater and make you fail the level. What a shame! You only have three lives in the beginning, so make sure you don't waste them!

Aiming and shooting couldn't be easier! Use your mouse to rotate the kitty and pick a good place for the yarn ball she is holding. Once you have found two or more balls of the same color, simply click on them to launch the projectile and make your match. Be careful, as it's easy to miss!

There's more you should know!

The coolest part about this game is that it introduces new features in almost every level. For instance, some of the yarn balls are bombs. Match them with an item of the same color to blow up everything in the area and bring you one step closer to victory! Have you noticed the stop signs? Aim towards them and make matches to stop the rolling of the balls temporarily! 

Do you need a little boost? Despite its appealing design, the game can be more challenging than you think! Therefore, you should make the most out of all the extras you come across. For example, aim at the cat heads which appear on screen to gain a precious extra life. Besides, you should take advantage of the multicolored yarn balls, which act as jokers. In other words, they can match any yarn color. There are more exciting features to discover, so get ready to be surprised!

This game is a dream come true for any cat-lover! Are you stressed?  There are few things more relaxing than the purr of a cat, knitting, and puzzle games. Who would've thought that you can combine all of these elements? Now you have the opportunity to unwind while becoming smarter with an ingenious and addictive game!