Bubble Tower 3D

Challenge yourself with the Bubble Tower 3D game if you think you are smart enough! Can you shoot balls of the same color in a tridimensional environment?

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About Bubble Tower 3D Game

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Play the Bubble Tower 3D game if you consider yourself a master of bubble-shooter challenges! You might have played this type of game before, but the innovative gameplay truly sets this one apart. Can you rethink your gameplay and beat this novel test of your skills? 

The atmosphere in this game is truly breathtaking! Have you ever wanted to visit a mysterious temple nestled in the middle of a tropical jungle? The entire playing field is one of the ornate columns in this location. Rotate it and look for the best match! How long can you last in this tridimensional adventure?

The game consists of a single run that lasts as long as you can keep up with the matches. Each move can earn you extra points or bring you closer to the end of the game. Don't let any bubbles get past the red line if you want to win!

How to Play

Are you ready to start shooting? To begin with, take a good look at the color of the bubble in the cannon. What would be the most advantageous match? Click and hold, then move your cursor to rotate the column and search for the best solution. Once you have made your decision, click again on the desired location and watch your bubble fly. Hopefully, you have made a good match!

Make sure you play smart! Each mistake you make will add a gray ball in the lower right corner of the screen. If you miss the chance to make a match four times, the balls will come down a row. Do this too many times, and you'll become overwhelmed by all the bubbles! 

The unconventional set-up of this game certainly poses some advantages as well. For instance, the unusual set-up allows you to make complicated shots at an angle and reach crowded places on the playing field. With a good strategy, you can knock down a lot of bubbles at the same time.

See how long you last and set a new record score! You'll have a blast and play for hours once you get the hang of this game!