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Play the Bubble Mouse Blast game if you want to use your intelligence and experience a great adventure! Can you help the adorable mice solve the puzzles?

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Don't miss out on the Bubble Mouse Blast game if you are a fan of mystery, adventure, and solving puzzles! Are you ready to hear the story of a city of brave mice and their fight against a swarm of mysterious cats? Your role will be to help the mayor of this city save every furry citizen. Are you ready to help them by using your wits?

You'll have the opportunity to explore a quirky town, populated by mice, and uncover its secrets. However, helping out your cute friends will be harder than you thought! You will need to clear out the colored marbles on the screen by forming groups of matching items. The coolest part is that you will be launching the balls using a mousetrap!

How to Play

The game consists of numerous stages, taking place in different locations throughout the city. You will start at the Opera House, where you will have to face twelve levels of increasing difficulty. Beware, as you won't be able to progress to the next in-game area unless you earn a certain number of stars. Can you reach the final level?

Let's play! You will need to use your mouse to aim, then click to shoot the marble using the trap at the bottom of the screen. The aim is to clear out all the colored balls on the screen by creating groups of three or more items of the same type. It seems easy, right?

However, you should think carefully about each move! You have a limited number of marbles at your disposal. Once they run out, you will need to restart the level if you haven't already cleared the screen. The good news is that you can buy extra balls when you are in need if you have enough coins. On the other hand, any extra marbles you have left will earn you extra points at the end of each level.

There's more you should know!

Despite the simple concept, the game can turn out to be quite a challenge! There are many tricks you need to learn if you want to earn three stars in each level. For example, black cats are impossible to remove from the screen directly. Therefore, you should try to match the items above them. Bouncing the marble against the walls of the gaming area will help you do just that. What is more, it will also earn you some valuable extra points!

What makes this game so exciting is the opportunity to take a break with a few fun mini-games! They will help you unwind, while also earning a few extra coins and even some bonus points. With names such as Bubble Rings and Candy Shoppe Blast, you'll surely have a good time while playing them! 

Have hours of fun while adventuring with your mouse friends! It can seem quite hard to earn the necessary stars at first, but you'll become a pro with a little practice!