Nev's Jam Buster

Play Nev's Jam Buster game to help the purple bear smash every pie coming towards him. Use his machine to form many tart pairs and avoid a sticky mess!

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About Nev's Jam Buster Game

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Nev, one of the heroes of the Bear Behaving Badly show, is in a bit of a pickle in Nev's Jam Buster game! Many jam pies are falling toward him, and he needs to use the Jam Buster to clear them all. However, the machine is not as easy to use as he expected, and he needs your help to complete his mission!

Your job is to clear all the upcoming pies. If they reach Nev, his Jam Buster will get clogged up, and the purple bear will get covered with jam. Are you the right person to help him avoid this mess? Let's get you into the lab and get the action started!

How to Play

Before you start shooting, you should learn the controls! Here is everything you should know to use the Jam Buster:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Direct the machine.

 - Spacebar: Fire the pies.

You can check what pie comes next, right beside the Jam Buster. Also, the machine has a light beam that always shows you where your shots will go, even if you want them to bounce off the walls. So, always check these helpers to plan your moves carefully!

Your job is to match up at least three pies of the same color to smash them and achieve points! Of course, you should always search for the biggest chain of pies first. However, if there are no formations, you should create them yourself. But be careful, though! You might create more problems if you make a chain of unmatched pies.

What else you should know

Luckily, there are some power-ups you can use to make your job easier. For example, you can win a bonus Mud Pie if you clear five chains in a row that blasts everything in its path!

Also, you can grab scores multipliers or hit the flying seagull to smash all the pies matching the one he is carrying. However, watch out for Bouncer Boy and take him down because he will only try to add more pies.

Are you ready to join Nev and help him get rid of all the pies? Let's hurry up and meet him to see if you can master the Jam Buster!