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Play the Super Santa Kicker 2 game to become Santa's helping hand! Can you narrow the right angle and strength to launch Santa down the chimney?

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Aren't you excited to play the  Super Santa Kicker 2 game? This challenging game will prove that even Santa Claus needs some help every once in a while. Can you give him and his reindeer a hand as he delivers presents on Christmas Eve?

If you are familiar with the previous installment of the series, the Santa Kicker game, you know how addictive the gameplay is. However, this version brings many new elements to the table, such as multiple chimneys, new obstacles, and extra items for you to use. Whether you are a new-comer or a fan of the game, you'll surely have a blast while playing!

How to Play

The game consists of 30 exciting levels, which become increasingly difficult. Each stage will help you gain new skills and become a better player. However, you will come across more dangerous and intricate challenges as you advance. Can you beat them all?

Let's talk about the controls! Isn't it cool that you can control everything with a single click? Pick a place on the screen, then click to launch Santa. The trick is that the position of the target adjusts both the angle and the strength of the reindeer's kick. Have you noticed that the further you click from the sleigh, the powerful the boost will be?

As you advance through the levels, you will come across many different kinds of obstacles. You might recognize some of them from the previous version of the game. However, new challenges like spikes and flame throwers will survive novices, as well as experienced players. Can you find a way to get past them?

What else you should know

The complicated and creative contraptions that you need to use are the most exciting aspect of the game. Besides the classic mechanisms, such as ropes, pulleys, and balls, you will come across some new tools. Can you use the bouncing Christmas trees, air fans, and floating platforms to your advantage? As you can see, this game is a clever combination of a skill-based activity and a puzzle adventure. Isn't that ingenious?

Additionally, you should take advantage of every element in your environment. For instance, you can create a large pile of Santas to help you push down a platform. Another good idea would be to use sliding surfaces, such as ice. Keep in mind that every single item within a level can be useful if you know how to strategize!

Can you collect all of Santa's presents? The sacks spread all over the screen will gain you extra points. However, some of them seem quite impossible to reach. Prove your skill and gather them all!

You will notice your hard work results at the end of the level when you receive the final score. Beat your record and test your resourcefulness and knowledge of physics!

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