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About Panda Love Game

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The Panda Love game is the perfect solution if you are feeling stressed! The cheerful music and endearing pixel art will put you in a good mood. Besides, the protagonist is so sweet that he'll surely make you smile. Are you ready to go on an adorable adventure?

Your mission is to help the Panda Bear collect as many coins as possible. In the beginning, it's not clear what he'll do with his newly earned fortune. However, as you jump from platform to platform, you will discover the real purpose of his journey. Our hero is on his way to buy a gift for someone truly special!

How to play the game

Are you ready to go on an adventure? You will need to complete all 20 levels of this game to find out how the Panda's story ends. Each one is more challenging than the previous, so you'll need to learn fast and practice to succeed! Just one false move, and you'll be forced to restart the level!

The controls couldn't be more straightforward! The black and white protagonist moves automatically from one side of the screen to another. He also automatically turns whenever he comes across an obstacle or the edge of the screen. All you need to do is make him jump! To do so, click the Left Mouse Button at the right moment. It sounds easy, but the first levels will prove you wrong!

Each level requires you to collect all the coins. Immediately after finding them all, a portal will appear, transporting you to the next stage of your adventure. Can you make your way to the portal safely? 

What else you should know

Beware! You will come across many obstacles throughout your journey. Apart from avoiding spikes and landing difficult jumps, you'll also need to strategize. For instance, you will come across pink and brown platforms. As opposed to the green ones, they disappear after being used once. Therefore, you will need to plan your route with great care.

If you manage to reach the final level, you will discover the purpose of this journey. Why would the Panda collect all those coins? He has just bought a beautiful bouquet for his pink friend. Let's hope that their special date goes well!

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