This is the Only Level 2

Dive into the This is the Only Level Too game, where each level brings new twists! Can you guide our elephant through clever puzzles to find the exit?

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About This is the Only Level 2 Game

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This is the Only Level Too is the second adventure in the popular series where you play as a clever blue elephant navigating through a puzzling world. Like the first game, this one tricks you into thinking there's only one level, but don't be fooled! Each time you play, you'll find a new twist waiting to challenge you in ways you didn't expect.

Your mission is to guide the blue elephant from the starting pipe to the exit, overcoming obstacles and figuring out how to open the door blocking your way every time. It sounds simple, but with each new round comes a fresh challenge to test your problem-solving skills and determination.

How to Play

Controlling the elephant is easy:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- Up arrow key: Jump

Each round, you'll guide our brave blue elephant through the same level, but here's the twist: every time you play, a brand-new challenge awaits you. Imagine starting at one pipe and needing to get to another, but between you and freedom is a maze of platforms, spikes, and a door that just won't open without a little elephant ingenuity.

Right in the middle of all this action is a big red button that's your key to unlocking the exit door. Sounds simple, right? But hold on to your hats because each stage throws a curveball at you. One minute, you're jumping around with ease, and the next, you're stuck to the ceiling wondering which way is up or finding the world has turned upside down!
And just when you think you've got it all figured out, invisible barriers pop up, making you guess where to go next.

What else you should know

The best part? You get as many tries as you need. Accidentally turned your elephant into a pin cushion on those pesky spikes? No problem! You'll start over in the stage, ready to tackle the challenge again with no penalties.

This game is all about using your noggin, adapting to sudden changes, and having a blast as you jump, flip, and puzzle your way through each unique challenge.

All in all, this episode brings more fun, more puzzles, and more ingenious ways to play with just one level - or so it seems. Are you ready to tackle the challenges and outsmart the game with each new twist? Jump in and show what you and the blue elephant can do together!

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