Pursuit of Hat

Enter the Pursuit of Hat game for a cool platformer adventure! Use your character's ability to detach limbs to solve the puzzles and get to his hat!

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About Pursuit of Hat Game

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Pursuit of Hat is a fun and quirky puzzle platformer game where your mission is a bit unusual – you need to get your hat back! In this game, you'll enter a world of colorful levels, each packed with puzzles and challenges. The catch? Your character can take off their own limbs to solve these puzzles!

Your mission is to help your character navigate through each level to grab their precious purple hat. Each level is like a puzzle playground, where you might need to leave an arm behind to press a button or remove some legs to squeeze through tight spots. Get ready to stretch your brain and have a blast in a game where losing a limb is part of the fun!

How to Play

Here's how to control your character:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- Up arrow key: Jump
- Spacebar: Drop off a limb
- Down arrow key: Pick up a limb

You'll play through 20 cool levels, each with its own set of tricky puzzles. But here's the twist – you can take off your character's arms and legs to solve these puzzles! Need to press a button to open a door? Just detach an arm and use it. Got to squeeze through a tiny tunnel? Take off a few limbs to fit!

As you jump and run through each level, you'll come across different challenges. Some levels have pits you need to leap over, and others have barriers that you can only get past by figuring out how to use your detachable limbs cleverly. It's like a fun puzzle where you're both the player and a part of the game!

What else you should know

The further you go, the trickier it gets. You might have to quickly detach and reattach your limbs to dodge moving obstacles or time your jumps just right.

But don't worry, you can try as many times as you like. So, whether carefully planning your moves or just having fun detaching limbs, the game keeps you thinking and laughing.

Ready to stretch your imagination and problem-solving skills? Let's start this limb-detaching adventure!

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