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About Space is Key: Christmas Game

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Get ready to experience the holiday spirit in a new way with the Space is Key: Christmas game! If you've tried one of the other games from this iconic series, you know this challenge won't be easy. In fact, every level will test your patience and agility. However, this version will put you in the holiday spirit. Therefore, you'll feel warm and cozy while struggling to reach the next level!

This jumping challenge consists of fifteen levels. Besides, each one has three sections that you need to surpass. The goal is to jump over all the obstacles and reach the end of the level. It sounds easy, but you'll soon discover why this is considered one of the trickiest platform challenges!

How to play the game

Get ready to start jumping! As the name of this challenge suggests, you only need to use the Space Bar to succeed. However, the trick is to press it at the right time! The small square you control will move forward automatically. Sometimes, it might move faster to make the challenge even trickier. Yikes!

The next step is to analyze the obstacles you have to face. If you touch one of them, you'll have to restart that respective section. When some of them move or get really close together, it'll be almost impossible to find the perfect jumping point. However, once you do it, it'll be so satisfying!

What makes this game iteration stand out is its magical atmosphere. Enjoy the snowflakes and jumping in all the piles of snow! Besides, the music is also on the theme.

However, the narrator is the one that takes the cake! Can you guess who the bearded and jolly character is? Sometimes he'll give you some helpful hints, but mostly he'll make fun of you and be sarcastic.

Can you reach the final level of this festive adventure? Check the death counter at the end to see how well you did! Even if the number is high, you'll become more agile and patient with every try. Besides, you'll surely have a good laugh with all the jokes and irony!

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