The Floor is Lava

Pass all the obstacles in the Apple & Onion: The Floor is Lava game. Jump and climb around the monkey bars to find a way out and collect the money!

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About The Floor is Lava Game

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Spending a whole day in the park can be a blessing and a curse in the Apple & Onion: The Floor is Lava game. Just when you think that the day went out great, and you had lots of fun, something certainly goes wrong. Today, Apple and Onion found out that something very unusual has happened. All the ground has turned into hot lava! 

What other choice do they have now, but to climb like some little monkeys on the top of the bars? It seems that this is their only way out of the danger. The trouble is that they must put their brains together is they do not want to get melted. They are so lucky that you are here to give a helping hand!

How to Play

These guys are tapped around many monkey bars and high structures. Their best chance is to rely on their strength and coordination to get out unharmed. You can be of help by guiding them out of danger. To do that, you should use the keys on your keyboard!

The Left and Right arrows will make them go ahead or turn back, whereas the Up and Down arrows are used for climbing. Sometimes, you will need to even jump over the river of lava underneath your feet. For that purpose, simply press the Space Bar and hope for the best.

To get the maximum score for the job, you should take into consideration a few things. In each level, some dollar bills are floating around. They are usually found in very difficult to reach places. You can think about them as some rewards for your bravery! Anyhow, it would be great for you to collect each one of them.

Moreover, for that impressive score, you should also do your best to finish the quest as quickly as possible. For each level, there is a certain time frame within which you should get to the end. If you exceed it, you will not lose the game, but only a few points.

There's more you should know!

Some situations require different physical skills. You might need to jump to a higher place or use your force to push things around. For that reason, Apple and Onion decided to switch up, depending on the situation. 

Apple, though short, can push heavy objects like boxes. He is smart enough to throw them into the lava and use them as mini islands to jump on. He cannot jump very high, but at least he uses its height as an advantage!

Onion, on the other hand, is very tall and can get into high places. He can jump high up and collect everything that seems too hard to reach. At the same time, he is too thin to push boxes like Apple, but nevertheless, he compensates for that. 

All in all, this is a great game to play. You will find it sometimes similar to a mind puzzle! You will get to face some very tricky situations to get out of.