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Design your own heroine with the Total Drama: Girl Maker game! Will you recreate a classic like Heather or Gwen or come up with a unique character?

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Play the Total Drama: Girl Maker game to create a unique character inspired by the iconic series! What makes Total Drama Island memorable is the funny and creative character design. Are you ready to try your hand at creating your very own dramatic heroine?

You can get some inspiration from characters such as Courtney or Bridgette. However, you can also create a unique heroine or even come up with a cartoon version of yourself. How fun!

The 20 categories give you a lot of freedom to express your creativity. You can customize the face, body, clothes, add accessories, and even select a background. The result will be a creation filled with the charm and personality of your favorite series. Give it a try!

How to Play

You don't need to be a talented comic book creator or animator to develop a brilliant character. You don't need pencils or markers! The only necessary tool is your mouse.

Click on the categories on the right side of the screen, then scroll through all the options to find the one that suits you best. Once you have decided, simply click on it and see how it fits your heroine. Next, figure out what color you want the selected element to be by clicking on the paintbrush on the left side. Easy as pie!

Decide on the basic features of your character by browsing through the first tabs in the menu! Choose one of the five skin tones, then add moles, freckles, or even tattoos for a touch of personality. To define your heroine's features, make sure you check out the Eyes, Nose, and Mouth categories. Each one of these features will make your Total Drama protagonist stand out from the rest!

Have you decided on a hairstyle yet? Many exciting options will remind you of beloved characters from the Island. However, you can customize any of them by picking out a different color or adding accessories later in the game. How exciting!

What else you should know

Are you ready to pick out a totally dramatic outfit? You have to decide if your heroine is into the athletic style, prefers cutesy outfits, or enjoys a dark and moody look. Don't be afraid to also combine them for a unique look! Pick out your favorites from the Tops, Bottoms, Skirts, and Dresses sections.

Is your heroine cold? Don't worry! You can also add a cool jacket or hoodie from the correct tab. Mix and match according to your taste!

Don't forget to add a unique touch to your outfit by putting on some accessories! From socks to shoes, necklaces, and earrings, there's such a wide variety! Besides, you can also make your character hold an object that represents them and their intentions. Whether it's a lollipop, a weapon, or a flower, it's up to you to make the right choice!

Press the green checkmark to admire your character and her outfit! Is your creation dramatic enough to fit in with the funny cartoon series? Print it out or download it and show off your heroine to friends and fans of the show!