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About Infinite Steve Game

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Steve the Monkey is subject to another one of Flint's experiments in the Infinite Steve game! Having a scientist for an owner is no easy thing. For his new trial, Flint has made yet another machine. Just like the other times, it seems to be out of control, though. You should help make sure that everything goes as planned!

You need to maneuver the machine so that it does its job properly. That is, cloning as many copies of Steve as possible. After all, how many monkeys are too many? Operate the machine and oversee the process so that nothing goes wrong! You wouldn't want your friend to get hurt, would you?

How to play the game

The controls aren't difficult at all, but you need some skill because you should react quickly. All you have to do is click once when the machine is right on top of Steve, and a perfect clone of your primate friend will jump right out on top of him.

The goal of the game is to make a tower of monkey brothers. The higher it gets, the faster the device will start moving from left to right, making it more difficult for you to continue.

Be careful and act swiftly, because if any of the Steve clones fall from the tower, all of it will collapse, making you restart the game.

There's no set score you have to reach, but you should aim to break your own record. After all, don't you want as many of your primate pal as possible? The more monkeys you manage to stack, the more points you'll earn!

What do you think? Are you ready to help your scientist friend with his new experiment?

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