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About Total Pandamonium Game

In the forest, many dangers await you, as well as many needs. DJ, a contestant from the Total Drama Action, has an urgent business and he really needs to run. Help him get safely to the porta-potty in the Total Pandamonium Game.

Whatever path you take, it will never be easy. The peculiar pandas of the forest have seen DJ, and now they want to stop him from easily reaching the target. But they are not alone. The pandas have teamed up with all the animals in the forest to do everything in their power to be an obstacle in his road. So beware of the cute little animals that might stand in the way. As you pass through the levels, you will step in another season of the year, every time. So just go fearlessly through all the seasons, whether it is autumn, winter, spring or summer. Defeat all the animals that might seem cute at first glance, but that are actually evil monsters that bite, cut, scratch and will not let DJ get to the porta-potty in peace.

To push the critters away from DJ, use your mouse and press on them as many times as needed so they will leave DJ alone. You may also use the spacebar to help DJ shake off all the critters. But use the spacebar cautiously, because you can only shake the critters away from DJ three times. Once you consume your chances, you will not be able to use that skill again. To protect yourself even better, click on all the blue pinballs that appear on your road. The animals will be drifted away. Also, be extra careful at the fish candy bombs that might represent another obstacle. Click on them before they explode, so DJ will not trip on them and get hurt. At the bottom of the screen, you will have a health bar. Do not let your health bar reach the zero point, because you will have to start again and DJ might lose it.

Be DJ's hero and protect him from the evil little animals that live in the forest. Play the game and let's see how far your bravery can take you.

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