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Join Chef in Blast the Cast Game. Move the paddle with the mouse and pop the bubbles with the characters' heads in them. Be careful not to drop the ball!

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It happens quite often for somebody to get terribly bored and then to try out a new game that at first seems to be normal, but turns out, in the end, to be quite addictive. What else can you do then, other than playing it all day until you beat the highest score? This is what happened to Chef in Blast the Cast Game. Chris gave it to him with the intention in mind to help him let out a few of his frustrations on the Totally Drama cast while he plays, but he ended up being addicted to it. The only way to sort it out is to help him reach a high score at it.

How to Play

The aim is to hit every ball that has either a star or the face of one of the contestants in the show. Each time you manage to burst one, you will gain some points, and you will be a step closer to the end of the game. To do that, you have to move your cursor around the screen to control the paddle at the bottom. It will prevent the ball from falling somewhere you cannot get it back.

But pay attention because the paddle will not make the ball bounce high again. It will lose speed as it doesn't get thrown, and here comes your part. When it is close enough to the bottom, move the mouse as if you intend to hit it rather than touch. This way, you can be sure that it will bounce high enough to pop some other balls.

There are also other sorts of things you can hit that might either grant you some power-ups or will turn things more difficult. There is one that will make the ball go in random directions, making it almost impossible to catch it. The monster power up will transform your standard sized paddle, into a monster-sized one, that will make it a piece of cake to pop any ball. The small bubble that has a little white plus inside it will grant you one extra shot, in case you needed one more chance to finish correctly.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Do not miss the golden Chris, because even though he is a jerk in real person, in this game, he grants you twice the points that you would usually gain.  If you hit the ball hard enough, you will be able even to make some walls disappear. This way it will be far easier for you to get to the targets that are in places that are difficult to reach.

Here is a tip, when you can't get the ball high enough, try to use the walls in your favor. Throw it towards any wall, and it will bounce from a place to the other. Trust me; it will work out like a dream. You will not have any troubles with it if you play this way.

Good luck and try your best not to get addicted to this awesome game too as Chef did. Beat your own scores and be the best at Chris' game, even better than himself.