Play the Braaains! Game and escape a zombie infection. Move around the area to find the exit gates, but avoid all the zombies which are after you!

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About Braaains! Game

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Even if this might be your first time when playing Braaains Game, I am sure you have thought a thousand times by now what would you do in case a zombie apocalypse started. Some believe that they will drive away to a safe place, or maybe lock themselves up in their houses. There are lots of escape plans, but what happens if you are taken by total surprise though?

Well, you hope for the best, and you try to fool them and hide. Do not forget though, that zombies are putrefying things that do not really have neither brains or the ability to run fast, so use that to your advantage. Here in the game, a zombie epidemy broke out, and all the other people got infected but you. The only way to escape is to find the gate which leads to the clean zone. However, until you get to it, you have to avoid lots of infected people that can not want to eat you up.

How to Play

It is not every day for a zombie when you see a fresh and warm feast walking around the place. At the bottom of your legs, there is an arrow that leads to the right direction, follow it to get to the gate. To move click and hold anywhere on the screen and then drag the mouse and you will see that you can go in any direction.

When you get too close to the zombies, hold the space-bar to hide. This way the box on your head will drop and they will not be able to see you. As long as you are under it, you are safe. When the area clears out, it is time to run!

Good luck finding the exit in each level!