Toxic Targets

Play Toxic Targets
Play Toxic Targets

About Toxic Targets Game

There is a new challenge for the contestants from the Total Drama Action Show. They have to hold a mutant squirrel in their hands without losing their balance in the Toxic Targets Game. The Chief's purpose will be to unbalance them by throwing toxic meatballs at them. Be the one that helps him unbalance all the contestants.
Aim at the contestants and make sure they lose their balance and drop the mutant squirrel from their hands. Hit all of the characters. You will be able to step up to the next levels only if the stage has no more contestant standing. Be careful and do not miss any of them. The way to do this is by dragging the mouse towards the target and then just shoot the toxic meatballs by simply clicking on the mouse. You can hit more than one contestant with a single meatball. Use as many meatballs as you like and do not hesitate to eliminate the silly characters.
As you step up in the levels, you will meet more contestants, and there will be more challenges that might occur. But do not worry, the Chief will manage to destroy them all, only with your help. Make sure to use the architecture of the stage. If you can not reach a specific target or contestant, throw the balls in the woods that surround them and make them fall above the contestants. Like this, they will inevitably fall off and lose the peculiar squirrels. If you manage to hit them all with only a few shots, you will be rewarded with specific totems. Click on every symbol to collect your prize and win more types of meatballs.
So come and eliminate the contestants. Do not let them succeed in holding the mutant squirrels and show us what your toxic meatballs are actually capable of!

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