Scally-Whack - Pile Pirate

Do not let the thieves fool you in Scally Whack - Pile Pirate Game! Jump on their heads when they pop out to throw them back in their rightful place!

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About Scally-Whack - Pile Pirate Game

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Play the role of a pirate in Scally Whack - Pile Pirate Game. Being a pirate on a ship involves great dangers. A pirate's life is full of adventure, and every journey has its frightening story. Having a giant octopus wanting to wreck your ship, sailing on raging waters and avoiding getting sucked by a  whirlpool, those are only a few things that a pirate has to overcome while searching for treasures.

But what happens after they have taken the loot on their boat? Well, here starts a whole new adventure, but one rather for the crew. Keeping in mind that usually, the captain of the ship gets the most significant part, you can imagine how greedy people can sometimes be and what they are capable of doing for a golden coin. Every other mate will have his eyes glued to the prize, so the captain has to be very careful.

How to Play

This is also the case with our Total Drama show, where the characters are trying to steal Chris' treasure. They want to get up from under the deck, catch the chest and run away as fast as their legs can carry them. Your mission is to stop them from getting away. To do that, you will have to use the number keypad.

On the deck, there are nine holes, each one of them corresponding to a key. For instance, to go to the first hole located on the top left, you will have to press the key with the number seven on it, for the second the one with the number eight and so on. Each time you press a number, Chris will swing on his rope and will push the thief down below.

Sometimes, the characters will hold some things in their hands, and depending on what they have on them, you should either jump straight on them or avoid them as much as you can. Whenever you see someone carrying a clock, try your best to get it because it will grant you some precious extra time to catch these little thieves. Do the same when you see the star symbol. Once you get it, it will clear the whole deck for you without having to move any other finger. Very convenient I would say.

What else you should know

On the other hand, if you get to come across somebody holding some arrows in their hands, and you jump on them, that will not be as fortunate. Once you do that, all your controls will get reversed, and you will have to mirror your moves.

There is something even worse though, and that is stepping over somebody who holds a fire. If you step on it, you will not be able to move for a couple of seconds, thus letting the prisoners escape with the loot leaving Chris barehanded.

Try your best to cast away as many prisoners as you can to save the treasure and drag them under the deck, all within the time limit. Are you ready to prove that you are one of the best pirates on all the seven seas, and to show people that you are not the one that is easily fooled around? Then do not waste any more time and play this awesome game!