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Don't let the Total Drama cast clones escape in Clone Control Game. Keep them under control by drawing circles around them and tie them up in groups!

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Play the Clone Control Game and see for yourself what is like being able to duplicate yourself! Cloning is still something that remained mostly within the pages of science fiction books. Not taking into consideration a sheep or some other animal, human cloning has never happened on the surface of The Earth.

Despite that people still, try to figure out how to do that without causing havoc or something. Fortunately, they somehow found a way to do that in the Totally Drama show, using that science! The problem is that they cloned the contestants, but somehow the cloning laser went crazy, and it is making random clones of them. They are so many of them and do not forget that they hate their producer Chris, so they will inevitably cause a rebellion, and he knows that.

Game Objective

This is why he requested your help in the game. Chris is aware that when the clone realize that they are many enough to be able to take their revenge upon him, they will do that at the drop of a hat. Help him contain them by tying them in groups of the same person, this way no violent thought will come to their minds, keeping any riot at bay!

To do that,  draw a circle around a person and their clones, this way you will get them all at once. Because all this thing is happening in space, they will be floating around aimlessly, and you will spend some time trying to catch them. As you get further on in the game, there will appear more characters and even more clones.

Try your best to get them all before the time ends or else prepare yourself for a mutiny! Good luck!