Paintball Six-Shooter

Join a Wild West shooting scene in Paintball Six-Shooter Game, together with Total Drama characters. Aim the targets and click to pull the trigger!

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Play Paintball Six-Shooter Game if you are looking forward to some fun in the wild! The wild west is famous for the scenery, picture everything. Dried earth, cacti, and tumbleweed rolling around everywhere. Surely you have seen something similar by now in any western movie that has cowboys. In such places, things do not get entertaining too often, but when they do, you would better watch out for yourself because there is a high chance that it includes guns.

Gunfights are quite a common sight there, and everybody carries one around just in case. This time though there is a twist to it, there are no bullets, but paintballs, which not only makes the things less bloody but also more fun.

How to Play

The main idea is to shoot every Total Drama character or outlaw before they manage to dodge your balls. Pretty simple. Use your mouse to aim, and when your cursor is right over the target, click to shoot. It might take a while of getting used to, but once you get a hold of it, you will become the best shooter in the whole west partner.

Once in a while, some objects will appear between you and your targets. Depending on the item, you should or should not aim at it. For instance, if you happen to come across a pistol that looks like it could put down a whole herd of cows or outlays in less than a few seconds, you should try to hit it. It will give you the ability to shoot continuously, thus making it easier to get to your targets.

Another thing that might do you some good is the timer. As you might have already guessed it will give you some extra time to play and boast with your skills. Avoid as much as you can though to hit the dizzy pistol because it will make you shoot like a drunk person! Even though your hand is steady on your mouse, the aim will be shaking uncontrollably, making it almost impossible to hit any target. If you do happen to get it by mistake, do not worry sick because the effect will go away eventually by itself. Despite that, you are sure to lose some points because of it.

What else you should know

Remember to avoid the spotlights too they will give you a blackout, which means that all the light will be off for a while. If that happens, you will not be able to see more than just a tiny bit of the screen around the aim, and the rest will be dark as night. I would like to see anybody trying to play like that. It is rather impossible, so do not make your life hard and be careful. 

For each missed shot, you will lose some points. Either if you shot at random somewhere or an outlaw escaped you will be penalized. Turn the scales in your favor and once you aimed for somebody, shoot as many times as you can to gain some extra points, this way things will balance out, and you will definitely let everyone know who is the boss around here.