Donculous Dash

Welcome to the Donculous Dash game! Participate in a million dollar race which is just about to start, together with other teams from Total Drama Island!

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Welcome to Total Drama Island. The contestants have prepared so hard for the big final day, and here it is. Even if they were through the worst things ever, the teams are still on their feet, fighting until the very end to win one million dollars. You have a chance to participate in the last race and win the big prize while playing the Donculous Dash game!

All it takes is to pick up a team and go with them until the finish line. Chris did his best to make sure that the race will not be a piece of cake. Many obstructions are on your way, so be very careful. You will need to do many jumps to avoid the obstacles and to collect the bonuses in your way.

How to Play

Use the up arrow key on your keyboard to jump up, and when you want to get one level down, use the down arrow key. The character will not stop running no matter what, so make sure you do not jump right into a rock or a wooden box. Every time you hit something you lose a little bit of your life. When the life meter on your screen reaches zero, the game will be over.

If you want to run faster press the right arrow key and the character will gather all his strength to run faster than ever. Pay attention because the chance to run straight into obstacles is higher if you run faster. You might not be able to stop at the time or to take a jump when you have to.

Make sure you collect all the goodies from your way to gain more points. At some points, another contestant will stop you. To pass through him, you need to play a mini-game, and once you answer correctly at the question, you are free to go.

What else you should know

The final prize is huge, and it looks like everyone wants to win and have it only for himself. It is your chance to prove that you can beat anyone in your way and go home with one million dollars. Do not forget that you are on a TV show, so do your best to have fun. More than that make sure the world is going to remember you, so we think that you should win this. Do not give up no matter what happens. A real winner never quits, so you should not do it now. You are going to have the time of your life only if you keep on trying repeatedly.

If you feel like this game is for you, then you should also race over to the App Store to unlock more new levels and mini-games. We bet that you are going to love it, so what are you waiting for? Go now, before someone else gets in front of you. You do not want to lose all this money, do you?

Good luck with the competition, and do not forget to have the time of your life!