Chef's Ninja Training

Try the Chef's Ninja Training game to become a warrior of the Total Drama Island! Can you help Chef relax by slashing the targets before the time runs out?

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About Chef's Ninja Training Game

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Chef has been on edge lately, and he needs your help to cool off a little in the Chef's Ninja Training game! He wants to go around the Total Drama Island set and practice his ninja skills. However, there is more to a ninja warrior than a sharp katana. Could you help him clear out the challenges?

Your job is to join Chef in his journey and help him release his anger by slashing many ninja cardboards! Also, you've got to pay attention to the environment around you. Many places are harder to reach than it looks! Are you ready to get the training started?

How to Play

Firstly let's start with how to move like a true warrior! Use the Arrow keys to walk around the set and press the Spacebar to slash the targets. If some places are harder to reach, don't hesitate to hold the Up arrow key and the Left or Right arrows to climb the high walls.

Your main goal is to destroy all the ninjas before the time runs out! For every stage, you will have several dummies to slash. However, the game is over if you don't hit your goal before the time runs out. Don't worry, though! Some ninjas will drop time bonuses after you destroy them, so make sure to grab them all!

Also, you should try and achieve the highest score possible! For every slashed target, you will get one hundred points. Moreover, some will drop a coin that will be worth the same amount. Aim to collect them all fast because they will disappear shortly as any other dropped item. Being fast is the key to achieving high scores!

Now, your training is over, young warrior! Are you ready to join Chef in his slashing frenzy and calm him down? Also, what high score will you be able to achieve? Let's get into the challenge and see your marvelous performance!