Dodge Brawl

Try the Dodge Brawl game to partake in a Total Drama Island challenge beside the Killer Bass! Can you hit the opponents and defeat the Screaming Gophers?

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About Dodge Brawl Game

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The Killer Bass team needs your help to defeat the Screaming Gophers in the Dodge Brawl game! However, Owen, Heather, and Cody are here to win another Total Drama Island challenge, so you cannot underestimate them. Can you take them all out and win the dodgeball game?

Your goal is to help Harold, DJ, and Geoff to hit their opponents until they win the round! Also, try and dodge whatever ball comes back to you. It's best to keep your teammates safe. Do you think you can manage this task? Let's start the games and see what you've got!

How to Play

First, let's start with the controls! Your team will move on their own. Use the mouse to aim at your opponents and press the Left Click to throw the dodgeball. Also, if someone tries to hit one of your teammates, use the Spacebar to jump and dodge the attack. Pretty simple, right?

Go through all five stages by hitting the enemy team as much as possible! At the same time, you should keep an eye out for your energy meter. If your opponents manage to drain it before you drain theirs, it's game over! 

Also, you will get a bonus at the end of the round based on the energy amount left. Rely on your fast reflexes and dodge as many dodgeballs as possible.

What else you should know

It's best to move quickly! Depending on how much time you spend taking down the other team, you will get a bonus score at the end of the round. 

Pro Tip: wait for the other team to throw all their balls into your part of the field and then switch to the attack! By doing this, you will not have to focus on dodging and throwing simultaneously.

It's time to start the game and see which team will come out on top! Will you defeat the Screaming Gophers, or will they get the best of you and send the Killer Bass to elimination? Your team is counting on you. Let's see how you will perform!