Twister Kiss

Be the Cupid of Gwen and Duncan in Total Drama: Twister Kiss Game. Help them kiss while nobody is watching, and let the love get stronger than ever!

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It is hard to keep a relationship secret, especially when you are a fearless contestant in the Total Drama Action Show. Gwen and Duncan find themselves in a situation like this in the Total Drama Twister Kiss Game. So be an incurable romantic, offer them real support and help them kiss each other without anyone noticing it. 

As it is forbidden for the contestants to engage in a relationship, a secret affair might keep Duncan and Gwen from winning the big prize and get to the finish line of this challenging contest. But as we all know, nothing can stop true love from flowering. And they need your help to keep their relationship steady.

How to Play

The contestants are spending some leisure time in between the challenges of the contest. Some play guitar, others enjoy a sip of juice, while Duncan and Gwen are playing Twister. The goal of the game is simple. Try to make the two lovebirds kiss while nobody in the living room is watching. All you need to do it to left click on the mouse and hold it as long as you can. Do this fast, before the time runs out. Try to fill the love bar that is present at the top of the screen and help them step up in their relationship.

As you reach more levels, more contestants will be present in the living room while Gwen and Duncan are playing Twister. Beware of all of them, because they might take a glimpse of the two who are kissing. Lift the finger off the button when you sense the glance of the other contestants. You will be noticed of the contestant that lifts his eyes by the presence of some exclamation marks around him.

Avoid being caught while kissing!

If the true and passionate lovers get caught, you will lose your percentage, and you will have to restart the level. Duncan and Gwen will lose their love too, and they will not be able to maintain their relationship during the contest. So make sure that nobody can see them and try to be the best Cupid the Total Drama Show has ever seen. Let the love be stronger than ever and do not let anybody stand in the way of Gwen and Duncan's happiness. 

Help the true love conquer everything and be of real help for Duncan and Gwen. Come and prove people wrong! Show them all that a relationship amongst the contestants of the Total Drama Action is highly possible.