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Play Total Drama: Freezer Burn Game and help Alejandro to retrieve the beauty supplies. Jump on the ice floes and avoid the wild animals at all costs!

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Right from the beginning of the Freezer Burn Game, you'll notice that the north pole is not really the friendliest place on earth for humans. There certainly are creatures that can live there, but in most cases, they are pretty dangerous to us. There is no way you could live here the same way you would at your home. Life becomes more like a survival thing, and you will start to look more like an animal than a human being.

That is not the case with Alejandro, The good-looking guy from your favorite tv show. Even though they were told that the next episode is going to be filmed at the pole, he was not frightened by that, and he still plans to look handsome in the most extreme environments. That is why he brought his man-bag with him!

What is his man-bag you ask? Well, it is some sort of purse that contains everything he needs to have nearby to complete his beauty routine. Some face creams, a brush, a mirror, his all-time favorite sunglasses, all these guarantees that he can get any girl's heart.

Unfortunately, as I said, the creatures around here are very unfriendly, and they stole his handy purse with everything inside. Help him get back his beauty supplies intact and make sure he stays the most good looking guy in the show in Freezer Burn Game.

How to Play

The aim is to get all the products that are on the other side of the ice. Jump from ice floe to ice floe until you get to the end. To move around, all you have to do is to click on the place you want to jump. Sounds simple, right? 

Well, it actually is until you get to know one of the wild creatures better than you would like. A few pieces of floating ice have some aggressive inhabitants, polar bears, seals, and even octopuses. Avoid stepping on those floes whenever you see an animal on it. If you happen to do that though, it will drag you under water or who knows, maybe even worse things might happen to you, and you will lose one life.

The increasing temperatures cause other bad things that might happen to you while you are here. You have undoubtedly heard of Global warming, and its effects, right? One of them is that the ice melts quickly and that means that you can't just stand on it and admire the view. Once you start jumping, you cannot settle in; you have to jump from a place to the other constantly to avoid falling into the ice-cold water.

While you are jumping, try to collect some of the coins left on the ice. They will surely come in handy. Keep an eye on the black bar at the bottom to see how much there is left until you get to rescue Alejandro's belongings. Also, be aware of how many lives you have left in the game so that you know when to stop being reckless and start looking before you make a step.

With your help, Alejandro will surely get back his purse back without messing up his hair. Good luck and do not forget to look awesome!