Spud Saver

Try the Spud Saver game to join the Total Drama Action set and put a stop to Pythonicus' rampage! How many potato sacks will you save using your mattress?

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Chef has dressed up as Pythonicus and has a challenge for you in the Spud Saver game! Join the Total Drama Action set and save the potato sacks from him. However, your foe has some aces on his sleeve to make your job a lot harder. Do you think you're a match for him?

Your goal is to use the mattress and bounce the potato bags onto the safety platform. Also, you can try and use Chef's tricks against himself if your reflexes are quick! How many Saks can you save? Let's start the action and see what you've got!

How to Play

Firstly, you should learn the controls! Use your mouse to move your mattress around and catch every sack the chef drops. Try to bounce them until you put them safely on the platform. At the same time, use the Spacebar if you want to throw something back at Chef! Pretty easy so far, right?

Your main goal is to catch as many potato sacks as possible and stack up your score! For every pack, you will be rewarded with fifty points, so you will have to catch loads of them to achieve a high score! Also, if you let them fall, you will lose ten points per bag, so be careful.

Pythonicus will not let you finish your mission that easy! Between the sacks of potatoes, he will drop a few bowling balls, and if you get hit, you will lose a life point. You have only three of them, so try and stay safe! Also, you can bounce them back into Chef and achieve mega bonus points.

It's time to start your challenge! Can you face Pythonicus and save loads of potato sacks? Or will he get the best of you and defeat you with his bowling balls? Grab your mattress, and let's see what you've got!