Sneaky Crew

Save Scooby-Doo's friends from the patrolling guards in the Sneaky Gang game. Find all the hiding team members and collect the clues leading to safety!

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The whole gang is in trouble in the Sneaky Crew game, and Scooby-Doo is the only one able to save them. Thanks to Freddie's not so brilliant idea, they split up to cover more ground. Unfortunately, they all got caught, and now only somebody with excellent sneaking skills can help.

You must escape the dangerous grounds unobserved by the guards patrolling. They know that you are looking for your friends, and they are equipped with torches to spot you in the dark. You will need the moves of a true ninja!

How to Play!

The aim of this game is to gather all the crew members and escape this nightmarish place. There is not much time to waste around, so you must figure things up quick. The smallest distraction here can get you caught.

To move around in this game, you will only need your mouse. Drag a line from where Scooby is towards the point where you want him to go. He will follow your directions suit. The best way to move is by drawing small lines.

Fortunately, as they split up, the gang members have left behind clues for you. These pieces of paper will show you the way to them, and, eventually, the way out of this maze. The bad news is that Scooby-Doo is not a fast reader, so it will take him some time to decipher things. Make sure no guard is near while he reads!

Leave no one behind!

As you go through mazes after mazes, remember at all times that you must rescue your friends. One should never leave them behind for anything in the world. Just lead Scooby to them, and they will join him to safety.

There are also some Scooby Snacks Scattered around the place. Besides being our doggie's all-time favorite snacks, they will also stun the guards for a little while. While they freeze, you will be able to pass them safely, without being noticed at all. Be aware, though, that the effect is limited, and before long, they will be back patrolling. 

If you are unfortunate enough for a guard to spot you, you do have one more chance left. Run as fast as your legs can carry you! You might get lucky and lose him on the way. If you go over his patrolling track, he might return to it as nothing ever happened. If he gets you and the crew, though, prepare to start the level again from the beginning!