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Don't miss out on the Johnny Upgrade game if you enjoy a tough platform adventure! It's impossible to beat the game unless you upgrade with every run!

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About Johnny Upgrade Game

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Try the Johnny Upgrade game to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure where your gameplay will need to change constantly! Every experienced gamer knows that regular updates can help you get past more advanced stages of the game. However, this game takes this concept to the extreme! Can you adapt quickly and beat it?

The hero of this quest is Johnny Upgrade. As his name suggests, he is a pretty underwhelming hero who needs plenty of improvements. Try to collect as many coins as possible within the limited time you have to buy upgrades and make him better. Can you create a winning strategy and reach the end of the level?

How to Play

The game consists of a single large level. The catch is that you will need to upgrade each characteristic of your character multiple times before you have a chance to reach the end of the stage! Are you ready to start playing?

The controls are similar to those of any game in this genre. Use the Left and Right Arrows to move Johnny. You can jump or double jump by pressing the Up Arrow. Once you find a gun, you can shoot by pressing the Space Bar. Even if it sounds easy, you will soon find that this game is truly something else!

Can you believe that you only have 3 seconds at your disposal when you start the game? What is more, your character moves extremely slow and can't even jump! Your only chance is to gather as many coins as you can in the limited time, then head to the upgrades shop. If you do this many times and invest in the right features, you'll soon be able to explore the entire level. 

What else you should know

Let's talk about the upgrades. There is a wide variety for you to choose from. The speed and jump improvements, as well as buying more time, seem like obvious choices at the beginning of the game. However, don't forget about the multiplier! It's a good idea to buy it early so that it doubles, triples, or quadruple the coins you earn in each replay!

Buying more hearts can be very helpful! You will come across many obstacles, traps, and dangerous enemies through your journey. Spikes, flying robots, and lasers are just a few examples! Therefore, it's a good idea to invest some coins and buy as many hearts as you can.

Besides the coins and health, the experience you earn is also vital. The more of the environment you explore, the more points you get. This is the only way to unlock some moves, such as the double jump. Can you find the gun? If you manage to go far enough into the level, you'll unlock shooting and make Johnny Upgrade even more powerful!

Are you patient enough to work your way through this unusual platform adventure? Beware: once you get started, it will be hard to stop until you bring Johnny Upgrade past the finish line!