Minty Fresh Adventure

Play the Minty Fresh Adventure game and help Colgate follow her dream to become a dentist! Help her get rid of the magical mark and stay away from dangers!

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About Minty Fresh Adventure Game

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Get ready for a cooling My Little Pony adventure in the Minty Fresh Adventure game! Colgate wants to get rid of her magical mark and follow her dream to be a dentist. Can you help her find out the spell she needs to do this? Let's see what you got!

It will be a dangerous road ahead! Your role is to keep her safe from the dangers she will encounter! Do you think you can help her use her magic and come out of this journey unharmed? Colgate is counting on you!

How to Play

The controls are pretty easy! To move Colgate around, you only need your Left and Right arrows. The toothbrush will follow her wherever she goes, so don't worry about that! If you come across creatures that want to hurt you, point the brush in their direction and use it to attack by pressing the X key! Press the Z or C key to jump if you need to reach high places.

There is a whole range of attacks you can use! If there are too many enemies or you just want to hit hard, try out Colgate's special powers! Press any arrow key twice, followed by the X key for a long-range attack. 

You can also try the ultimate move to reach high speeds and make time seem to have stopped by holding any jump key you want plus X until she starts glowing. Make sure to take full advantage of the ultimate move!

Some enemies are stronger than others! You will meet many foes on your journey. Some dangle above you and spit fire, others are small, and you'll have to aim low! Some may be so tough that you will need many hits to take them down. Try and observe each one before you take action! That will be a great advantage. 

Be careful about the environment! Most terrains or trees are harmless, so you don't have to worry. Keep an eye out for the blue flowers that take your powers, or you will be an easy target!

What else you should know 

Watch your magic meter! Each ability uses magic, and if you run out of it, your power is gone.

You should also try not to get hit! If you take too many strikes, your health will run out, and it will be game over. Don't worry! You can regenerate your health and magic by eating the apples from trees. You only need to hit them down! 

Look out for Trixie! She is somewhere up in the sky and can help you a lot. Look for her and ask her to buy some power-ups! Each item is special in its own way, so make sure it's the right one for you. It will cost you some points that you gathered by taking down enemies.

Are you ready to jump into the action? Will you be able to help Colgate erase her mark and follow her dreams? Let's start and see what you're made of!

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