Fresh Minty Adventure

Play the Fresh Minty Adventure and join Minty for an epic adventure to retrieve her beloved socks! Can you defeat all the foes and make it back safe?

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About Fresh Minty Adventure Game

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Join Minty, your favorite My Little Pony character, for an adventure to find her socks in the Fresh Minty Adventure game! However, you will find many foes that try to ruin your plans. Do you think you can help her face them and get back all of her socks? She puts all her faith in you, so let's not disappoint her!

Are you ready, everyone? Your role is to help Minty get through the Everfree forest and make sure she collects as many socks as possible! You will encounter many beasts on your journey, but don't worry! Minty has some aces up her sleeve.

How to Play

Use the Arrow keys to control in which direction Minty goes! If you want her to jump, use the Z or C key. She can't attack, but she has another handy ability! When foes try to attack you, press x to throw candies at them. By doing this, they will calm down, and some will even let you mount them!

Don't forget! Your most important task is to look for the lost socks! Make sure to search the entire place for them! Try out different beasts to mount, as each has distinct attributes and can help you reach certain spots. Some are small and fast, while others are big and strong but slow. Try to befriend them all and see which one is most useful for you in this journey!

Depending on the beast you choose as your companion, they can increase your health! The bigger the animal, the stronger it will be. Also, they will require more candy to be docile and let Minty mount them.

There's more you should know!

If your health runs low, search for a checkpoint! Not only do you return to that location if you lose all your health, but they will also regenerate all your lost health points.

After you finish your adventure, stick around, we might surprise you with an ending that will be worth your while. Maybe it will change depending on your progress.

Also, you may receive a mark that will define some achievements after every run! With all this fun stuff, it's hard not to replay the journey until you collect them all!

Is everything set, everyone? Are you ready to help Minty get all of her precious socks back? Let's meet up with her and start this adventure! She can't wait to meet you.

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