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Try the Fabulous Pony Maker game to design your very own My Little Pony character! Your Equestria friends can't wait to see your new look!

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The Fabulous Pony Maker game allows you to create a My Little Pony character according to your own creativity! Have you ever wondered how you would look if you were a pony? Do you think a character could use a radical makeover? Now you have the chance to let your imagination run wild! Your friends from Equestria are excited to meet your fabulous creation! Do you think your design will get the approval of members of the Mane Six? Rarity is known to be especially pretentious!

You start with a completely blank slate that you can customize according to your own preferences. The simple gameplay allows you to make changes quickly and easily. Check out the different categories at the bottom part of the screen. There are 23 sections, each one of them allowing you to modify a particular aspect of your pony. Quite impressive, right? 

Let's start with the basics!

Move the slider at the left of the screen to scroll through the different options until you find something that you are happy with. Don't forget that you can change your mind at any time by pressing the 'Erase' button. In case you find yourself out of ideas, you can always click the 'Randomise' button on the right bottom of the screen. It will surely get you out of a rut and stimulate your creative side!

The first step is choosing a body design and, of course, the primary color for your pony. You can choose different shapes, depending on the type of character you want to create. From muscular and tall to small and adorable, it's all up to you! What is more, you have almost 200 color options! And this doesn't only apply to body shapes, but also other features too. Make sure you also check out the Body Pattern option. It allows you to add extra colors to your pony and even makes it look like a zebra or a dalmatian! Head Patterns are available too, for that extra touch of personality and flair!

The Cutie Mark is another defining feature for your new pony! Make sure you choose something that reflects their unique personality, talents, and skills. You have 77 different possibilities, and each one of them looks adorable! From a telescope to a cherry, a palm tree or even a hammer, there is something to suit every taste!

Time to add some personality!

What makes My Little Pony characters so charming are their unique and lovely personalities. Naturally, you can add some style to your pony by playing around with sections like 'Eye shape and color', 'Mouth' and 'Ears'. Most importantly, don't forget to customize the mane and the tail from the appropriate categories. There is a wide variety of styles that will truly make your pony one of a kind. Go for something classy, long and beautiful, or try a daring hairstyle. You can even add facial hair if you want! No matter what you choose, pick out one or two colors that will make the hairstyle stand out in Ponyville! 

Still something missing? Of course, I am talking about the wings and horns! This is when you figure out what kind of pony you wish to create. Whether it's an earth pony, a unicorn or even an unconventional combination, it's only up to you! Make sure the style and colors fit the overall theme!

A stylish outfit to top it off!

What can be more fun than a little game of dress up? Have you ever wondered what your favorite ponies would look like in different outfits? You are free to add items from a significant number of categories. Choose a vest, a cape, or even neckwear or a hat!

The game has some impressive features, like the ability to choose shoes for your pony's hooves. What is truly amazing is the fact that you can select different styles for the front and hind legs! 

What is more, you can further customize your character by choosing some more distinctive features. Have you ever imagined earrings, glasses or even neckwear for your pony? Now you can add some accessories and finish off your look! Everybody knows that this is what adds flavor to any outfit!

Finally, pick out a fitting background for your newly created character. Naturally, you can place your pony in a common location from the My Little Pony Universe, like the village of Ponyville, or go for a creepy forest or even among the clouds! Another option would be choosing decor that features your favorite characters from the Mane Six!

Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the other ponies can't wait to see your new creation! Introduce them to a fun friend that can join them in their next adventures in Equestria.

For a more sophisticated Pony Designer game, then you should also try the MLP Pony Creator game! Have fun!

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