Twilight Running

Join Twilight Sparkle and gallop through Equestria in the Twilight Running game! Can you collect all the spellbooks and complete this fast-paced adventure?

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About Twilight Running Game

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Explore the land of Equestria and gallop across its' skies in the Twilight Running game! Twilight Sparkle loves to study magic, but it seems that she has lost her spellbooks. Now the cute pony must get them back if she wants to cast spells again. Will you join her on this search and find all the missing items?

Your job is to help Twilight Sparkle hop from one platform to another and grab all the spellbooks along the way. However, this is a fast-paced challenge, so you must be careful not to fall!

Are you ready to join your adorable friend and complete this quest together? If so, you must do your best to react quickly and keep up with the increasing speed!

How to Play

Luckily the controls here are very straightforward. You must press the Space bar to make the cute pony jump. However, there are two different ways to do this: tap on the key to hop quickly or hold it to perform a longer leap. Sounds easy enough, right?

Your main goal for this mission is to collect as many spellbooks as possible. Keep jumping from platform to platform, and watch out for any items ahead! Will you be able to earn a new high score? If so, you must act fast and keep your eyes on the screen.

You will obtain 1000 points for each spellbook you grab. They will be high up in the air, so you must leap and try to reach the items! However, the distance you travel is also important. As you keep hopping ahead, you will earn bonus points depending on how far you reach.

What else you should know

Remember that as you progress through the challenge, Twilight Sparkle's speed will increase! You only get 1 life, so you must be very careful.

If you fall between the platforms, you'll have to restart the challenge from the beginning. How long will you be able to keep going?

Let's gallop across Equestria together with your favorite pony! Can you keep Twilight Sparkle safe as she collects all the missing spellbooks?