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Join MLP Equestria Girls in a competition that requires intense focus and concentration with the Archery Friendship Games game. Can you hit the target?

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Become the best archer and win the competition with MLP Equestria Girls: Archery Friendship Games game. Do you like practicing sports? What about archery? Practicing this sport brings many benefits. There are many skills to be gained through this ancient sport. It improves not only your body but your mind, also. Eye-hand coordination, control, fantastic ability to judge distances, all of this, and many more aptitudes are developed through archery.

The best archers, from all over the world, have gathered in Equestria. It is time for the most anticipated competition of the year: The Friendship Archery Championship. It is the perfect chance for you to challenge your mind and body. To find out if you have the required physical strength and stability to hold the bow and aim. To see if your focus, precision, and determination are enough to hit the bullseye and achieve a perfect score. 

How to Play

To participate in the competition, you have to choose a team first. Two teams are competing for the grand prize: the Wonder Colts, formed by Applejack and Fluttershy, and the Shadow Bolts and its members, Twilight Sparkle and Sour Sweet.

Once you decided on the team, you should pick a player. Keep in mind that each of them has a special power. Sour Sweet can make the horizontal meter to slow down, while Applejack’s ability has the same effect on the vertical meter. Twilight Sparkle has a magical magnet that helps her center the arrow. And, last but not least, Fluttershy has the right to carry an extra dart, which can be an advantage when it comes to the final score.

Now, that the players are ready, let the contest begin! Haven’t you done archery before? No problem. There are only three simple steps involved in shooting a bow. Draw the string, take aim, and release. 

To aim and shoot just click the left mouse button. You can also use the SPACEBAR on your keyboard, instead. 

What else you should know

You will notice a horizontal bar and a vertical bar, which are used for aiming. For each meter bar, you should see an arrow moving at a certain speed, up and down, respectively left and right. Click on it when it is in the yellow zone. Now, all that remains to be done is to watch your arrow fly and hit the target.

Don’t rush, there is no time limit! Besides, archery requires tremendous focus. If you want your arrow to go where you expect it to go, then, you have to take it slow. Patience is the key to hit the center and win maximum score. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t hit the bullseye. As long as you hit the target, you get points. The closer your arrow is to the center, the more points you get.

A match consists of 3 rounds. At first, the target will be pretty near, but it will get farther and farther away with each shot. For each round, you will get 5 arrows, which means 5 chances to hit the target and gain points.

When you run out of arrows, the stage is over. Complete all the rounds and see if you are the winner. What is your final score? Did you win the first place and did you receive the gold medal? If not, don’t give up! Play again and beat your score.