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Travel to the home of the Pony Squad in the Explore Ponyville game! Visit Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and the rest of your friends, and learn more about them!

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Prepare to meet the Pony Squad and learn all about your favorite characters in the Explore Ponyville game! Twilight Sparkle is returning from a trip to Canterlot, and she's taking you back with her. After such a long time, it's nice to be home again. How thrilling is it that you finally get to know your heroes?

The six citizens of Ponyville are excited to welcome you to their city. You better be ready to walk a lot, because there are many places to see! Each pony has a story to tell, so head off to their houses and learn more about the characters. From their belongings to their friends or hobbies, you will be very busy looking around!

How to Play

Have you landed in the city yet? If so, grab your mouse and click on a member of the Pony Squad to begin your travels! Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity are ready to welcome you into their homes! Just drag your cursor across the screen to move the camera, and tap on any items to learn more about them.

Where do you want to go first? You can explore many locations, such as the Carousel Boutique, the Sweet Apple Acres, or the Sugarcube Corner. Each pony's home is unique and full of mysteries, so take your time to check out every corner. Who knows what treasures you might come across?

Some of your friends have also prepared fun activities for you! Pinkie Pie will teach you how to bake some delicious cupcakes, while Applejack will have a horseshoe toss game at the farm. Of course, there are even more events planned for you, and you must uncover each one. Luckily, you will only need your mouse to play, so don't worry about bringing your own tools!

Have you decided who your favorite member of the Pony Squad is? If not, you will have to visit each house and learn more about the characters. Once you've seen it all and played each mini-game, you will surely discover your best friend!

Twilight Sparkle and her buddies are ready to give you a tour of Ponyville! Everyone is waiting to meet you, so visit them all and have a magical day together!