Family Scrapbook

Join the young ponies for many fun activities in Family Scrapbook game! Color, sing, solve puzzles and enjoy the company of the My Little Pony characters!

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Are you ready for more fun activities accompanied by your favorite friends from Equestria? Then you should definitely give the  Family Scrapbook game a try! It's packed full of exciting games, printable pages and, of course, some unicorn magic!

What is more, we are sure you will much enjoy hanging out with the young ponies and meet some exciting new characters, such as Toola Roola and Sweetie Belle. They are very cheerful and full of energy, so you will surely have a blast while playing with them! However, you will also have the opportunity to reunite with old friends, such as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Isn't that exciting?

Be artistic, bake, or listen to your own story!

The first task in the scrapbook is straightforward, yet fun. Join Toola Roola in a quest to express your artistic side by coloring one of the three images. They feature the young pony girls playing together, having tea, or even celebrating a birthday party. Use the colors and paintbrush to design a unique creation or print out the image to work on it at home. How cool, right?

The next activity is just as much fun! Sweetie Belle is a great baker and loves cupcakes. Would you like to give her a helping hand? Choose your favorite cream, decorate with sprinkles or chocolate chips, and even add a cherry on top! It looks delicious!

Would you like to listen to a good story? Then make sure you meet up with Cheerilee and Scootaloo because they have some great ones waiting for you! You even have the opportunity to click on certain words and change up things according to your preference. Listen to the new version and try all three stories out!

Time to sing, play dress up, and solve a puzzle!

Do you know Starsong? She has the best voice in all of Equestria and knows so many beautiful tunes! Join her for a sing-a-long featuring your favorite My Little Pony melodies, such as Shine on or Singing star. Can you keep up?

If you have had enough with music, join Rainbow Dash in her bedroom and help her create a new look. Change up her hairstyle, add a cute pin or even some fancy sunglasses and a handbag! Show your styling abilities and make Rainbow look gorgeous!

The final challenge will require you to put your intelligence to the test. Solve a puzzle to recreate a beautiful picture of the young ponies playing together. You can even pick out the image and how difficult you want your mission to be. What is more, you will be accompanied by the bubbly Pinkie Pie! So put your thinking cap on and get going!

Dive into this genuinely unique scrapbook and enjoy all the unique possibilities it offers. Remember that you can switch between the different chapters of the book and enjoy any activity you'd like! Use the table of contents or flip the pages to decide what you are in the mood for. Alternatively, you can follow the order and enjoy the entire My Little Pony experience. The choice is yours! Either way, we are sure you will have a blast playing this magical game!