Rainbow Roadtrip

Fly up high among the clouds and restore the color of Hope Hollow in My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip game! Collect all the Cutie Marks in your way!

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Join in on Rainbow Roadtrip game and help the dull, colorless My Little Pony universe go back to being the happy, colorful place it used to be! Are you ready to go on a road trip with your favorite pony friends? 

What happened to Hope Hollow?

Uh oh! Hope Hollow is no longer the place you knew! In the middle of the annual Rainbow Festival, the whole town suddenly lost its color. This also happened to its inhabitants, the ponies, as well. All of them have been drained out of color!

The Mane Six need to travel to the city in hopes of finding out why this is happening. As it turns out, the ponies lost faith in each other, and so, the colors started to fade away slowly. 

Join them as they try to undo the effects and restore friendship and trust among the town inhabitants. Let's help our My Little Pony friends by playing the game! 

How to Play

All you need to do is select your favorite pony character! You have many options, such as Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Then tap on the screen and let's begin!

You can jump by tapping the screen, and you can move around either by sliding your mouse left/right or using the arrow keys. Collect as many hearts and Cutie Marks as you can in order to restore the colors of Hope Hollow and Mane 6 tails.

Try also to earn bonuses that help you reach faster to the top, such as the hot air balloon that carries you up high. Watch out for the grey clouds because they slow you down. Also, try to avoid the wooden logs with balloons, as they disappear after one jump. Collect Cutie Marks that add new ponies to the town. And lastly, have fun!