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Customize your very own pony with the MLP Pop game! Create your very own character to join your friends from the My Little Pony universe!

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Design your very own character with the MLP Pop game! Join your friends Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy in their adventures! Create your unique pony to embark on a quest in Equestria. Can you find the true meaning of friendship? You will need the help of the five guardians of the Elements of Harmony!

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Select one of the available options with a click of the mouse. Drag and drop the accessories to the desired position. Navigate the menu by using the continue button. At the end of the game, you will be able to print the final design or start from the beginning. 

Let your imagination run free

To begin with, you can select different designs for the two sides of your pony. Remember that you only get to decorate one side! You can choose matching options or even create unique combinations between your favorite ponies! Have you ever thought of Pinkieshy or Appledash?

Next, you need to personalize your pony. Choose an inspiring hairstyle from the multiple options available. No matter your personal style, you will surely find something fitting! From a hot pink mohawk to deep purple cornrows, the possibilities are very varied. 

You can even add a pair of whimsical wings! Whether you prefer lime green or cobalt blue, you will surely find a fitting design.

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Don't also forget to choose the best tail design. You can select something that matches your mane and completes your overall vision. However, you can be unique and go for something completely unexpected! Maybe a magical rainbow tail or even one made entirely of sparkles will finish off your look!

Now it's time to add the finishing touches to your character. You can choose a special sticker from the wide selection available. Maybe a lightning bolt or a flower is just what's missing! You can place them wherever you like by dragging them with your cursor.

What else you should know

You can place your newly-created character in one of the settings available. You can choose between 7 different backgrounds. Each one of them is a special place from Equestria, such as Pinkie Pie's Sugarcube Corner or Applejack's farm and orchard.  

You even have the option to add another pony to the scene that you have created. Click on the 'Add pony' button to create a new pony character. You will go through all of the steps again. Don't forget that you can play with the size and placement of the characters to create a truly unique scene. 

Have you ever wanted to be a   character in the My Little Pony universe? Now you have the opportunity to create a pony that matches your personal style and personality! Join Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Guardians in their epic adventures! They will make sure you have a blast and teach you the value of friendship!