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Are you smart enough to match all the cards in the My Little Pony Memory game? Join your favorite characters in this fun and challenging magical mission!

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Test out your matching skills accompanied by your colorful pony friends with the My Little Pony Memory game! Are you attentive and can easily recall details? Then you will surely enjoy this unique challenge! What is more, your quest to exercise your memory will not be a lonely one. You will have the help of your favorite characters from the third generation My Little Pony characters, like Toola Roola, Cheerilee, Minty and Kimono. I am sure you will enjoy reuniting with these old friends while completing this exciting magical challenge! 

The game is designed to examine your ability to memorize the position of specific cards, depicting your favorite heroes of the My Little Pony universe. The main idea is simple: turn over a card to see the pony on the other side. Now, you need to find its pair hiding among the other cards! Seems pretty straightforward, right? 

The catch is that you can only turn over one card at a time. If luck is not in your favor, you need to memorize the position of the characters you have already discovered in order to make a match. It only gets more difficult as the number of cards increases! 

Uncover the hidden scene from Ponyville

If you manage to make a match, you will see watch them disappear, just like magic! What is more, they will uncover a portion of a beautiful picture featuring your favorite pony characters. However, if you don't match up two identical figures, don't get discouraged! Simply memorize the position of the two characters and try to find their pairs moving on.

You start out by choosing the level of difficulty, out of the four available options. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert are the three main tiers. The only difference between them is the number of cards that will appear on the screen, starting out with eight and going up to sixteen. However, I strongly recommend that you start out with the Practice mode. It will walk you through all the steps of the game and allow you to experience all three styles of playing. This way, you can decide which one suits your current abilities best and get used to the game dynamic. 

Once you have decided, it's time to get started and match away! Don't get discouraged if you have some trouble at first! Your memory can only get better with practice, so just keep on playing and see your skills improve. What is more, you will certainly never get bored accompanied by your favorite characters from the My Little Pony series!