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Have plenty of sparkly fun with the MLP The Movie: Pony Creator game! Have you ever wanted to design a My Little Pony character like no other? Now you have the chance to do that while taking part in a fun experience featuring the Mane 6. Join Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle in the quest to create a new character that can accompany them in their adventures!

The game consists of a create-a-pony section, as well as a quiz that you can take to generate your character's name. What is more, you'll also have the chance to design a unique Cutie Mark that reflects your pony's personality and interests. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have fun in a world of sparkles and rainbows! 

How to play the game

All you need to do is use your mouse to browse through all the categories. Customize your pony by selecting the elements you like from the list on the left side of the screen. With just one click, they'll appear on your character! What is more, most of the items can be colored according to your wishes by using the color wheel at the top right corner of the screen. Each has a specific color scheme that you can select. How impressive!

Almost all the elements of your pony are customizable! Start by selecting a body out of the two templates: svelte and robust. Next, decide on a hue that fits your character's personality. The eyes are another element that will bring your hero to life. Decide on what style and color best reflects their temperament!

Let's add the most exciting features! What would a pony be without its mane and tail? There are many different styles and colors, from pastel romantic curls to spikes in vibrant hues. Don't forget about the two main pony features: unicorns and wings! You can even add both if you want to.

Accessories are the final touch your hero needs! The 12 fun options include glasses, tiaras, jewelry, and even a few pets. Naturally, you can pick the shade that suits your pony's look for almost any item you select. It's impressive!

What else you should know

The next section of the game allows you to find the magical name of your pony. Fill out a short quiz regarding a party that The Mane 6 are planning. Choose the location, decorations, and food! Depending on your choices, you'll find out what your secret pony name is. Lovely!

The final and most exciting step of the game is designing your very own Cutie Mark. Can you believe that there are almost 50 designs? Sports equipment, flowers, pets, and other hobby items are great options to express your character's unique personality. You can also choose a layout and some special effects, such as hearts or sparkles, to complete the design. 

I bet you can't wait to share your design! Your pony looks marvelous and would be a great addition to the famous Mane 6. It would be a shame not to show it off to all your friends! Now you know what you would look like if you were a My Little Pony Character!

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