Pony Platform Game(Engine Test)

Try the Pony Platform Game(Engine Test) game to help Spike have one of the tastiest meals! Can you find the delicious gemstones and get them back to him?

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About Pony Platform Game(Engine Test)

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In the Pony Platform Game (Engine Test) game, Spike, the baby dragon, collected lots of gemstones to eat, but there were some that he could not reach. Can you help him get all of them? Make sure you do not keep him waiting! He is hungry, and he counts on you.

Your role is to search the whole place for the missing gemstones. Once you get all ten, you should bring them back to Spike so he can have a feast! No dangers are waiting for you, so this should be a piece of cake. Are you ready to start the search? Great! Look around for everything that shines!

How to Play

First, you will have to create your character! Choose what colors you want for your pony, its hair and eye color, and jump on the adventure! Use the Arrow keys to control the direction you want them to go and search for the stones. If you need to reach high spaces, press the Spacebar key to jump or hold it to fly! If you fly too high, release the key to decrease altitude.

Your role is to make sure you search every corner of the map until you have all the gemstones! Some can be underground, some high in the sky. You should try your best and don't miss any on your way. Spike is hungry, and it would be a shame to disappoint him! You can take your time in your search. He will wait patiently.

Is everything clear, everyone? Are you ready to fly and search for all the precious gemstones? Spike can't wait for you to return with all the delicious treats! Let's not make him wait any longer and start our challenge!