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About Big Tower Tiny Square Game

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    Any Browser
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    960 x 560
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Play the Big Tower Tiny Square game if you are looking for a fun way to pass your time! This platform game is unlike anything else you have ever seen, because of its unusual concept. Everything is fascinating, from the quirky characters to the ingenious level design! 

You will meet Tiny Square, the protagonist of your story. The evil Big Square has stolen our hero's most prized possession, his precious pineapple. Will he manage to reach the top of the Big Tower, recover his treasure, and get his revenge? It's all up to you!

How to control Little Square

Even the game structure is unique. You will need to complete thirteen different levels to reach the top of the tower. However, once you arrive, the game isn't over yet! Are you ready to be surprised?

The gameplay is straightforward and intuitive. Press the Left and Right Arrow keys to move the character around the scene. Press the Up Arrow to jump. However, there is much more your Tiny Square can do! Try to find the right key combinations to double jump, use walls to your aid, and get through small corridors!

As is the case with most platform games, you will face a wide array of obstacles, each one more deadly than the other. It seems like in this strange world, everything is trying to kill you! Turrets, boiling lava, and menacing saws are just a few of the setbacks you will need to overcome. You will need to use your ingenuity to get over any impediment that comes your way!

Discover all the secrets of the game!

The most awesome part of the game is the fact that it has many ingenious aspects. For instance, you can pass through the green checkpoints to save your progress so far. Isn't that convenient?

On the other hand, you will come across many different types of platforms. The orange ones will make you bounce high in the sky. The best part is that the faster you come towards the platform, the taller your jump will be. When it comes to the green platforms, they will unlock new paths and help you discover the secrets of the Big Tower. 

Another cool feature is the fact that your Tiny Square can swim! Besides being a pleasurable past time, this ability will help you in the fight against Big Square. Did you know that bullets can't reach you underwater?

Make sure you keep an eye out for turrets! The green light signals that it's safe to pass. However, activating them will turn them red and make them very dangerous. Be as swift as you can to avoid the attacks!

Can you reach the top of the Big Tower? This challenging and fun game will keep you entertained for hours if you are perseverant and skilled. Can you accomplish this complicated mission?

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