Banana Dash

Guide a little monkey across the jungle in the Banana Dash game! Help your friend collect all the bananas and reach the finish line before your time is up!

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About Banana Dash Game

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Get ready for an adrenaline rush in the Banana Dash game! The little monkey seems to be addicted to the fruit, and no one can stop it from this race. What could possibly help him? All you can do is to get every banana you can find! 

Just like any classic platform game, you have to guide your friend across each level. Use your surroundings to increase your speed and reach the finish line as quickly as possible! Of course, you are playing as a monkey, so you have to grab every banana you see. Will you be able to complete this mission?

How to Play

Welcome to the jungle! There is no need to climb trees here because bananas are everywhere. You will have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character. If you need to quickly run down a hill, simply hold the Down arrow, and watch your speed increase!

There are twelve stages for you to try, and each one will bring you new obstacles. Can you complete all of them? You have to do your best to reach the checkpoints marked by the cannons. Once you are there, you will unlock the next level!

You are playing against the clock, so get ready for a thrilling adventure! Each stage has a set time limit, and you have to finish your quest without going over it. If you take too long to reach the checkpoint, you will have to start over. Just don't get disappointed, because you can try as many times as you need!

As you keep running, you will come across objects such as trampolines or portals. These will increase your speed to help you reach your destination. However, if you don't pay attention, you might fall and lose precious seconds of your time! 

Will you be able to help the little monkey collect all the bananas? Get to work and reach the finish line to unlock all the stages! Your friend is counting on you!

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