Unfairly OddParents

Try the Unfairly OddParents game to help Timmy complete the trickiest adventure ever! Can you go past Cosmo's and Wanda's traps to reach the finish line?

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In the Unfairly OddParents game, Timmy is tested by his Fairly OddParents in an April Fools adventure, and he needs your help! Can you use your problem-solving skills to dodge the tricks of Cosmo and Wanda? However, you have no chance of success if your attention is not on point! Are you ready to prove yourself?

Your job is to guide Timmy through the levels and reach the finish line! However, the paths are full of hidden traps, so this journey will not be easy. Let's see if you can figure out a way to clear every situation!

How to Play

Before we get into the tricks, you first need to know the controls. Use the Arrow Keys to move Timmy around and the Spacebar to jump around. Also, you might have to write something from time to time so keep in mind to use the keyboard.

You will have many levels to clear, and each has loads of traps! For example, you might get thrown off the map if you take a wrong step or set off some cannons. If this happens, you will lose one life point, and it's game over when you run out. However, you can regenerate one if you clear a level.

You might come across some Fairly Useful Tips and power-ups, but they are not always as they seem. Cosmo and Wanda set a trap wherever you expect the least, so you should not trust everything blindly. It's your choice if you trust them or not!

Are you ready to get into one of the trickiest obstacle runs you have ever encountered? Timmy needs a helping hand, and you must prove that you're the right person for the job!