Whoa Baby

Play the Whoa Baby game and join Poof or Timmy on a fun but chaotic adventure! Zap or hit monsters while avoiding obstacles and pick mayhem or peace!

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About Whoa Baby Game

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Help Timmy Turner and his fairly OddParents save Dimmsdale from the mayhem in the Whoa Baby game! Poof is on the loose and turning everything into aggressive bunnies and ice cream monsters! But he is just a baby, and tiny rabbits are fun for the young ones! You can either mess around with Poof or help Timmy save his city!

You are free to choose your path in this game! You can join young Poof in transforming every item into an angry bunny or an ice cream monster. You can also help Timmy undo Poof's shenanigans and restore Dimmsdale's glory! Do you feel mischievous, or would you rather be the town's hero?

How to Play

You will only need your keyboard to control either Timmy or Poof. Here are the basic controls:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move/fly around the map.

 - Up arrow key/Spacebar: Make Timmy jump and zap objects with Poof.

 - Left/Right arrow keys + Up arrow key: Use this combination to help Timmy climb ledges.

There are some specific controls for each character.

 - Use the W key to protect Poof from incoming zaps and launch the Force Shield. You must be careful, though, as it drains your health.

 - Use the E and W keys to aim and fling Wanda and Cosmo into the monsters. You might have to hit an enemy multiple times before it transforms back to its original form.

When playing as Timmy, you'll have to aim Wanda or Cosmo toward specific creatures. For example, the ears of the bunny indicate which fairy is more effective. They can be green, pink, or both.

When playing Poof, your goal is not only to turn objects into funky monsters, but you'll have to avoid anti-fairies and pixies. You must remember that they don't just fly around but try to zap poor Poof, so avoid them at all costs.

What else you should know

While running around the map, make sure to collect the clouds. The pink one will restore your health and a chance. The zap cloud will multiply Poof's weapon, while the yellow one contains a special secret!

Now that you know everything about the two heroes, who will you choose for your next adventure? No matter the choice, you'll deal with some magic!