This is the Only Level

🐘 This is the Only Level game challenges you to guide a forgetful elephant through 30 unique twists on the same level! Can you clear all the stages?

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About This is the Only Level Game

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In This is the Only Level, an adorable blue elephant finds itself in a bit of a pickle – it has forgotten all levels except one! This unique game is set in a simple yet intriguing world where everything seems familiar yet new at every turn. The game's charm lies in its simplicity, combined with a touch of humor and a surprising twist.

Your mission is to guide this forgetful elephant through the same level over and over again. But don't be fooled! Each time you play, the level changes in unexpected ways, making it a fresh challenge every time. Can you adapt to these changes and help the elephant reach the finish point?

How to Play

Controlling the elephant is easy – just use the arrow keys for movement. You may also need to use your mouse for certain stages as you progress through the game. The controls are simple, but how you use them changes with each stage, adding a fun twist to the gameplay.

The game consists of one level but with 30 different variations called stages. Each stage presents a new challenge in the same environment. For example, sometimes the controls might be reversed, or the gravity could change, making the elephant behave differently. Other times, your elephant might start bouncing on its own! The key to success is figuring out how to adapt to these changes and guide the elephant to the orange tube, which is the finish point.

What else you should know

Be careful of the spikes scattered throughout the level. If the elephant touches them, you'll have to restart the stage. But don't worry – you get unlimited lives, so you can try as many times as you need to pass each stage.

Each new stage requires a different approach, so take a moment to understand the changes before rushing in.

Ready for this fun and quirky challenge? With so many unique stages to conquer, each with its own twist, you'll need your thinking cap to solve all the brain-teasing puzzles. Give it a try and see if you can outsmart the level every time!