Super Mario Flash 4

Another adventure alongside Mario awaits you in Super Mario Flash 4 game. Collect the money, grow stronger and save the lovely Princess Peach!

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About Super Mario Flash 4 Game

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A brand new Flash game awaits you, with new challenges and a more complex map than ever. Yes, it is the one and only Super Mario Flash 4 game. And do you know who you will have to rescue once again? The beautiful and precious Princess Peach. But the levels of the game are more challenging than the old ones. Only you can pass them all without getting yourself killed. 

Do not wait any longer, because the lovely Princess is in need. And there are not too many people as brave as you are. And only you can face this challenge graciously. You already have the experience; you are already Mario’s best friend. So help him out in this adventure. 

Thrill, excitement, reward. These are only a few things that await you in this new universe. Oh, and did we mention the money? So much money will be waiting for you to collect them along the way. But the dangers await, too. Let’s see what you can do about them.

How to help Mario in his quest

Before proceeding to your journey for saving the delightful Princess, you will need to know how to help Mario around. So simply use arrow keys to move. Unlike the other Mario games, the “S” button will be used to jump above the obstacles. If you have some ammunition, the “D” button can help you to shoot towards the enemies and kill them. And “A” will come in handy when you want to run fast.

Jump up high and bump your head into the blocks marked with the question mark to receive some helpful goodies. The flower will load you with fire. The red mushroom will help you grow and gain some strength, as always. Be prepared and also do not forget to collect all of the coins. They will open the doors towards the next levels.

And make sure you pay attention to the classical enemies. The turtle and the birds will not let you pass if you ignore them. But you can solve it all. So kill your enemies, collect all you encounter on your way, and save the day once again. Are you ready to begin?

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